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The Envelope

The Envelope

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The fold is a signature design that started when we were making mugs at Wonky Mugs. The design came with us to Carver and it has become a staple in our range.

The Envelope finds its final shape during the second and final firing process. You'll notice that none are perfectly round and this is by design. 

Each Envelope is crafted and shaped individually. They are available in a range of textures and colours. We use a variety of clays and finished to give you the best option for your light's environment. A darker colour looks best in a lighter environment and vice versa.

Also, think about the other features in the room. Is there a wood finish, splash back or painting you'd like to match with your light? The globe choice will also effect the aesthetic of the light. Visit the 'Choose Your Globe' page on our site for some guidance.

The Envelope looks even better as a set or paired with a Marilyn or Aurdey. Buy one and receive 20% off a second .

Customise your Envelope with a lamp holder, cable and ceiling rose that best matches the room. The components will arrive assembled and ready for your electrician to install. Your light must be installed in your home by a qualified electrician. 

All lighting fixtures and fittings are sourced through Creative Cables. Edison screw globes are not included with this assembly but you'll have fun finding just the right globe for your needs. For help choosing the right globe, visit our guide here.

The Envelope is rated IP20 for indoor use only.

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